Friends School of Minnesota is a nonprofit corporation. With 16-21 members, the board of directors of Friends School of Minnesota is called the School Committee. The School Committee adopts school policies and is the legal body ultimately responsible for the financial health and operation of the school.

Friends Council on Education, the national organization of Quaker schools, requires that a Quaker school either be “under the care of” a Quaker Meeting or that the School Committee contain a majority of Quakers. Since FSMN is not formally affiliated with a Meeting, it adheres to the Quaker majority requirement. Members of Twin Cities Friends Meeting, Minneapolis Friends Meeting, Prospect Hill Friends Meeting, and Cannon Valley Friends Meeting have served on the School Committee.

School Committee

2018-2019 School Committee Members

  • Evelyn Christian Ronning, Clerk
  • Julie Eddington, Asst. Clerk
  • David Bael, Finance Clerk
  • Laura Halferty, Recording Clerk
  • Dawn Zugay
  • Jeanine Holden
  • Jeff Severns Guntzel
  • Christine Salomon
  • Sarah Pradt
  • Sheila Williams Ridge
  • Mary Lilly
  • Chris Dart
  • Peter Demerath
  • Carolyn Carr
  • Rick Juliusson, ex-officio

Complete School Committee job description (PDF)

Standing Committees

Standing committees of the School Committee do much behind-the-scenes work at FSMN. Membership on these committees includes School Committee members, parents, staff, other Quakers, and other interested individuals.

Current Standing Committees

Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are formed for a specific task or objective and dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective. There are no current ad-hoc committees.

Bylaws of Friends School of Minnesota

Download a PDF of the bylaws.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare children to embrace life, learning, and community with hope, skill, understanding and creativity. We are committed to the Quaker values of peace, justice, simplicity and integrity.

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  1. 7/8 Wolf Ridge

    September 23 - September 27
  2. Spiritual Life Committee

    September 23 @ 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
  3. 5/6 Wilderness Inquiry Canoe Trip

    September 25
  4. Parent Chat

    September 25 @ 8:30 am - 8:45 am

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