Standing Committees

Much behind-the-scenes work at FSMN is done by standing committees of the School Committee and Ad Hoc Committees. Membership on these committees includes School Committee members, parents, staff, other Quakers and other interested individuals.

Current standing committees include:

Committee on Trustees

Committee on Trustees recruits new members for School Committee and all standing committees. Committee on Trustees also provides support to the School Committee and standing committees, ensuring that FSMN’s governance structure is functioning well.

Committee on Trustees 2020-2021:

  • Eric Salverda, Member
  • Cindy  Garcia, Member
  • Jessica Griffith, Member
  • Shalini Gupta, Clerk
  • Kate Ellis, Member
  • Evelyn Ronning, Member
  • Mary Lilly, Member

Development Committee

The Development Committee is the primary fundraising arm of the school. The Development Committee establishes and operates programs that nurture the FSMN community, providing substantial financial and non-financial support to FSMN’s operations, capital improvements and maintenance and FSMN’s endowment. 

Development Committee 2020-21:

  • Brent Dalzell, Co-Clerk
  • Jeanine Holden, Co-Clerk (also serves on School Committee & Executive Committee)
  • Morgan Barklind (also serves on Plant Sale Committee)
  • Dawn Einwalter, Development Director
  • James Farnsworth (also serves on School Committee and Plant Sale Committee)
  • Elizabeth Lukanen
  • Joe Mueller, Interim Head of School (Ex-officio)
  • Khamara Pettus (also serves on School Committee)
  • Kim Zack
  • Dawn Zugay (also serves on School Committee)

Equity and Justice Committee

The Equity and Justice Committee works with staff, SC and parents to ensure FSMN is welcoming to all members of the school community. E&J also acts as a resource to students and teachers on equity and justice issues, organizes events for the school community that focus attention on equity and justice issues, and develops and recommends policy on equity and justice aspects of school governance, admissions, and personnel.

  • Todd Bratulich, Rec Clerk
  • Gita Ghei, Member
  • Amanda McCormick, Member
  • Sarah Pradt, Member
  • Sheila Williams-Ridge, Member
  • Joe Mueller, Ex-officio

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) establishes the agenda for monthly School Committee meetings, ensures School Committee decisions are implemented, approves expenditures if the SC is not able to convene and act in a timely manner; and conducts the annual performance review of the head-of-school.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the School Committee Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Treasurer, Recording Clerk, and one at-large member.

Executive Committee 2020-2021:

  • Julie Eddington, Clerk
  • David Bael, Treasurer
  • Sarah Pradt, Recording Clerk
  • Khamara Pettus, at large
  • Jeanine Holden, at large

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial oversight of the school. The Finance Committee’s primary responsibility is recommending annual operating and capital budgets to the School Committee for review and action. The school’s operating budget involves the balancing of several factors, including estimates of enrollment, tuition levels, and expenditures.

Finance Committee 2020-2021:

  • David Bael, Clerk
  • Aaron Bergad           
  • Chuck Gillen-O’Neel 
  • Diwakar Gupta
  • Dana Jensen
  • Linda Coffin, Business Manager
  • Joe Mueller, Head of School

Quaker Life Committee

The Quaker Life Committee is focused on the manner in which the core Quaker values of FSM are put into practice, primarily with an eye to governance, parent outreach, and staff support and development. The QLC seeks to help deepen and enrich the FSMN community’s understanding of the school’s Quaker roots and philosophies. 

  • Becky Flory, Member 
  • Andrew Rutledge, Member

Please check with the school office for meeting times and questions about being a guest at a meeting. If you are interested in learning more about FSMN’s standing committees or know someone who might be interested in serving on a governance committee, contact parent Cindy García ( who is a member of the COT. 

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