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What will my child be like when they graduate?

If you want to see Friends School of Minnesota at our best, take a tour of the school from one of our middle-schoolers. Parents will comment on how poised our middle-schoolers are, and how thoughtful and passionate they are about our school, what they have learned, and how they think about making the world a better place.

After a tour, you may be wondering how does that happen? Will my child be like that in 9 years? Our answer to that question is yes; they will be like that in 9 years.

They will tell you…

I Am Curious and Joyful

Our children explore complex questions. While easy answers are easy to come by, the ability to explore complex issues to deepen learning and problem solve is critical in today’s world. Our children leave FSMN trusting their own curiosity and understanding the power of questions.

Joy, awe, and wonder fuel curiosity. By allowing children to follow their interests, we are actively participating in their joy. At FSMN, our children know that joy and wonder are a critical part of learning and being in community together.

I Am an Advocate–I Care

Perspective is crucial to understanding oneself and examining the question, who am I? What do I value? What do I do when my values are challenged? By the time our children graduate, they can advocate for themselves, know what they value, and stand up for it. Perspective is also critical in having empathy, caring for others, and advocating for others. How do I listen when someone has a different perspective? Whose perspective is being left out?

“I think one of the most important things I gained from social studies this year is the idea that being a bystander to oppression is not a neutral act. I will improve my efforts to speak out and help people in need.”

Sam, ’17

Understanding perspective is foundational to social justice work. We begin discussing the concepts of bias, privilege, and equity through the lens of perspective as early as kindergarten. By the time our children graduate, they understand these concepts and how to begin to disrupt them and fight for change.

Many of our graduates are very active in making a difference in our communities, our state, and our nation.

I Am Creative

Throughout their nine years here, our children will use a wide variety of materials and concepts to explore what they are learning from many different angles. Becoming familiar with a wide variety of materials, and using different concepts to explore ideas in many different ways, helps our children build skills around creativity. These skills help them become better problem solvers and help them look at the world fully and inclusively.

I Am Connected–I Belong

We are a small school. Many of our graduates leave FSMN with lifelong friends. Our conflict resolution program gives our students the skills they need to work through conflict and truly connect with people. When students work through individual and community conflicts with skill and understanding, they create a place where people feel like they belong. Our graduates carry that feeling of belonging with them.

Our holistic approach, seeing children as whole, complex people, means that they leave FSMN with a better understanding of how to collaborate, how to resolve conflicts, how to solve problems and how to truly listen to another person’s perspective. These skills are critical at school, at work, and in our communities.

Our students leave FSMN very connected to values. They have reflected on them, studied them, and actively worked with them in both spiritual and intellectual ways. Their connection to values drives their advocacy.

I Am Successful

“I love how Friends School of Minnesota has pushed me to always do my best. My teachers know me as an individual and that allows them to accommodate my needs, and I feel completely comfortable asking for guidance.”

Kaia ‘18

We learn best when we connect with our learning. Our innate curiosity builds that connection. Our progressive education approach, combined with our Quaker values, allow our children to have in-depth knowledge that encompasses much more than what is simply on a test.

Our children leave Friends School of Minnesota ready to thrive in school, but more importantly, they go out into this world with a set of values, a sense of self and a keen understanding of perspective. These qualities prepare them to advocate, to connect, to grow, and to be truly successful. 

“I feel that FSM has been like an extra aunt or uncle in the family, a loving, wise, attentive adult who’s always providing thoughtful nurturance to our daughter just a step or two removed from us as her parents.”

Cathy, alumna parent

Our graduates go to a wide variety of high schools and colleges. Their experiences here provide a strong foundation, one that enables them to be successful and connected to the people in their lives and their community. Schedule a tour and learn more.

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Our mission is to prepare children to embrace life, learning, and community with hope, skill, understanding and creativity. We are committed to the Quaker values of peace, justice, simplicity and integrity.

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