In a world of easy answers, we prepare children to explore complex questions. Our students are active citizens in our democracy.

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What will my child be like when they graduate?

We prepare children to be active participants in our democracy. Our graduates leave with a foundation guided by values and an intellectual discipline that prepares them for a rich and successful academic life. They are prepared to ask complex, thoughtful questions, to find answers, to advocate for themselves and others.

“Friends School of Minnesota set our children up to succeed, and it shows in the transition to high school. I’m astounded at how ready they are to handle increasing independence.” — Christina, Alumni Parent

“I chose this school for my children because I feel 100% confident that they are getting the best education with the best values.”

Hanna, Alumna & Parent

How do I invite gratitude into my daily thoughts, actions and words?

Queries are questions designed to help the people at Meeting for Worship reflect on their own lives and how they are interacting in the world.

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How do the arts promote critical thinking?

What do artists and scientists have in common? How can viewing an object from the perspective of an artist help scientific understanding?

Marcus, 3rd Grade
Artists and scientists both “observe, experiment, and discover things."
Lola, 1st Grade
Ayan, 1st Grade
“The brain’s weakest function is the retention of isolated bits of data. Its strongest function is the retention of pattern, narrative, story, and system ... it thrives on making connections.”
Parker Palmer
Leila, 6th Grade

Friends School of Minnesota is an independent K-8 progressive, Quaker school in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare children to embrace life, learning, and community with hope, skill, understanding and creativity. We are committed to the Quaker values of peace, justice, simplicity and integrity.

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