Educational methods for teaching music at FSMN include sequential instruction in singing, percussion, Orff instruments, recorder, and music theory. Kodály theory and practice are incorporated in lesson plans.

Recorder and Orff instruments support the development of dexterity and pitch. Percussion, circle games, and dance motivate students and develop rhythm skills. Written work and classroom study introduce students to music notation and enable them to improve their skills at their own pace. Percussion, Orff, and recorder practice and composition exercises support the study of musical notation and theory. Appreciation of the diversity of world music is encouraged by the music selected for study, which is taught in its cultural and historical context.

Participating in school musical dramas, operas, and community performance events motivate students to develop self-expression, confidence, and social and performance skills. Music is also used for community building. 

Students continue to work on music goals throughout their education at FSMN. We recognize that students develop differently, so specific goals and expectations are modified to meet students’ special interests and needs. Lessons are supported by practice and performance. Students are encouraged to reach beyond basic music education goals through opportunities for further study in sight reading, research, composition, practice, and performance. 

Middle school students may choose to earn the grade of Passing with Honors by proposing and completing extracurricular work. Students who take instrumental music lessons outside the school are encouraged to bring their instruments into the classroom. Students in seventh and eighth grade participate in the FSMN annual graduation ceremony. Student sing, play instruments, and help lead the service through music.

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