Extended Day

Our Extended Day Program enables us to provide childcare before and after the school day. What follow are FAQs about the program 

For more details about the extended day program including hours and fees, please visit our extended day program page: 

Do I need to pre-register for extended day, or can I use it on a drop-in basis?

A contract is required to use Extended Day regularly. If, however, you use Extended Day only occasionally, your child is welcome as a drop-in, space permitting. Please call the front office for availability and to register your child at least one day before drop-in service is required.

If I don’t usually use extended day but am serving as a volunteer or on a school committee, may I use it as a drop-in?

Yes, space permitting. You will not be charged, but please call the Front Office to reserve a spot.

How long is the contract period? Can I change my contract once I’ve signed up?

Your contract is in effect for the entire year, unless you cancel or change it. You may change your contract twice during the year at no charge, with a $10.00 fee assessed for additional changes.

To make a change simply download a Contract Change form our website or request one in the front office. Your new extended day schedule and new rates will go into effect on the first day of the month after you make your change.

What if I don’t use part of my contract? Will I be reimbursed for unused services?

No. You must pay for contracted services until they have been officially changed or canceled.

If I pick my child up at 6:00 p.m., but s/he actually leaves extended day from 4:30-5:00 p.m. for music lessons, do get a discount for that half-hour?

No. The extended day staff is still responsible for your child during this time and will also be sure that they get to their lesson and back to Extended Day.

Do I change my contract if my child is participating in a sports program or club? Will I be billed for this change?

If your child is participating in any extracurricular program, you will receive partial credit for contract time that your child is not in Extended Day. If you have a contract, your space in extended day will be held when your child is in extracurricular activities. 

Will I be charged if I’m late picking up my child?

Yes. Please visity the extended day program page for more details.

Is financial aid available for extended day?

If you receive tuition aid, you get the same percentage of aid for extended day. Some families are also eligible to have their extended day charges covered by the county they live in.

May I use the automatic payment plan for extended day?

FSMN strongly encourages the use of the automatic payment plan. Contract amounts will be withdrawn from your account on the 30th of each month. If you currently use this plan for tuition payments, you are automatically enrolled for extended day and your contract payments will be deducted on the 30th. There are no additional fees for the extended day automatic payment plan.

How is the billing done for extended day if I do not use the automatic payment plan?

When you have a contract, you make your first payment when you submit the contract. In October, you will begin to receive monthly invoices for the amount of your monthly payment. This amount will not change unless you change your contract. Fees are due within fifteen days of the invoice date. Fees sixty days overdue will result in loss of the use of extended day. If you have any questions about billing issues, please contact the Business Office.

How is the billing done for extended day if I use drop-in service, or if I have late fees?

If you use extended day on a drop-in basis or incur late fees, you will be invoiced in the next month for the time you’ve used. For example, if your child dropped in for six days in September, you will receive the invoice for those days at the end of October.

Fees are due upon receipt of invoice. Fees sixty days overdue will result in loss of the use of extended day. If you have any questions about billing issues, please contact the Business Office.

What will my child’s extended day schedule be?

Please visit the extended day program page for details.

How is the program staffed?

We have at least one adult for every ten children in extended day.

What activities are available in extended day?

Extended Day is not a continuation of the school day. We provide opportunities for children to relax, play, and socialize. They have free but supervised time for board and card games, coloring, drawing, puzzles, books, and chatting with friends.

Children who want to do homework have quiet space available if they need it. We offer outdoor and gym time mornings and afternoons, weather and schedule permitting, and time in the library on most afternoons. During the winter when outdoor time is not possible we may occasionally offer an appropriate DVD as one of our options. We provide similar activities during release days, in addition to special projects.

What kinds of snacks are available?

Morning extended day provides cereal bars and juice for children who arrive before 8:00 a.m. if they have not had breakfast. Juice and other child-friendly snacks are available in the afternoon from 3:45-4:00 p.m. We offer a small snack at 5:30 p.m. for students who are still with us.

What are the expectations for student behavior in extended day?

All guidelines which apply during the regular school day apply to Extended Day.

What does extended day expect of parents?

There are two important things parents can do for extended day. The first is to remember to sign in in the morning and sign out in the afternoon. Even if staff sees you, it’s your signature that verifies that your child has been dropped off or picked up, and that ensures your child’s safety. The second is to let us know when your plans have changed. If you are picking your child up instead of using your scheduled Extended Day time, please call the front office or extended day.

We also ask that when you’ve picked your child up, you leave in a timely way. Please do not plan to stay in extended day with your child so that they can continue playing with your supervision.