Plant Sale Volunteer Roles

It’s hard to believe but it’s that time of year again – time to register for volunteering at this year’s Friends School Plant Sale!

Last year’s sale was a great success – netting more than $500,000 for the school! Please plan to join us in making this year’s sale an even bigger success.

Volunteer Local is live!! We have 1597 four-hour volunteer shifts to fill this year.  To sign up, go to

The plant sale is a HUGE lift for our small community and volunteering for the sale is work (it can even be sweaty hard work!), but it comes with lots of rewards:

  • Witness current students, families, staff, alumni, and community members working side by side – reflecting the school’s values and mission.
  • Engage with families from other grades and make lasting community connections.
  • Be part of creating a great event that brings JOY to thousands of people in the Twin Cities!
  • Contribute to efforts to protect our natural world (the entire sale is neo-nic free).
  • Be part of an effort to raise money to support the mission of Friends School of Minnesota.

Additional volunteer benefits: 

  • Volunteers are invited to shop at the pre-sale on Thursday afternoon – the best shopping experience.
  • Volunteers get ½ off on Sunday during the clearance sale (instead of the ⅓ off available to general customers).

If this is your first time volunteering at the Friends School Plant Sale:

We have jobs for everyone.  
We have sitting jobs, math jobs, computer jobs, construction jobs, food jobs, driving jobs, jobs for extroverts, jobs for introverts, jobs for people to complete on their own schedule in the weeks before the sale, jobs for after the sale, early morning jobs, late evening jobs, weekday jobs, weekend jobs, and LOTS of jobs during the week of the sale!

There is one special job we reserve for FSMN community members – cashiering.  
We have 96 cashier shifts to be filled this year.  These shifts are password protected – see a Thursday newsletter for the password.  

There are a number of resources to help you find a good volunteering match.  
Talk to parents who have volunteered, look over the volunteer page on the plant sale website, or talk to a staff member at school. If you have questions please feel free to email Steve at . Additionally – there will be a bulletin board highlighting our volunteer opportunities and needs across from the front office. Look for this next week!

Our greatest need for volunteers will happen from Saturday, May 4th through Monday, May 13th – please plan to join us. If this timeframe doesn’t work for you – there are many other opportunities to volunteer before the sale.

Super-Volunteers Needed
In addition to the 1597 four-hour volunteer shifts we need to fill we also still need a few “Super-Volunteers.” We still need someone to help:

  • coordinate our volunteers at the curbside pickup area.
  • close the Info Desk M-F evenings.
  • coordinate meals for our coordinators.

If you think you might be interested in one of these roles, please contact Steve at

Thank you in advance for your help. Every year we are so inspired by how this school community shows up to help make this sale happen. We are going to have a great 2024 Friends School Plant Sale!

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