FGRJ and Peace 2023

The Friends Gathering for Racial Justice is a time we come together as a school community and a time devoted to our racial justice work. Family members watched a musical performance and learned about students’ projects exhibited throughout the building and school grounds. A Quaker testimony is centered with the event and rotates each year. This year’s Quaker testimony was peace.

The Performance

Families gathered to watch the 30 minute performance that opened the evening.

Student Projects – The Festival


Kindergarteners spent time learning a few different dances. On the night of the event they danced with their family members.

Grade 1/2 Students

Grade 3/4 Students

Middle School Students

The middle schools students in this group also created a Google Maps list of BIPOC owned restaurants in our neighborhood. They handed out the list during the event.

Middle School Students

Middle School Students

Middle School Students

What is Peace: A Friends School of Minnesota Documentary
Students created a video about what peace means to the people in our community. We interviewed parents, teachers, staff, students, and other community members. They edited the video and showed it at the FGRJ Celebration!

Middle School Students

The Philando Castile Peace Garden Informational Table

The Philando Castile Peace Garden Informational Table presented information about Philando and the organizations made in his honor. We researched his life, his murder, the Peace Garden, and Central Honors Philando by reading a variety of sources, interviewing a member of the Garden’s board and a friend of Philando’s, and finally visiting the garden itself. We compiled this information into two posters to present to our community during the Friends Gathering.

Middle School Students

When students met with the Hamline-Midway Coalition they learned more about the gravel bed tree nursery on our playground. The coalition gives out the trees to neighborhood residents for free. Areas that have lower tree equity and higher temperatures get the free trees first. Since the FGRJ event, the trees have been planted in the nursery and 5th and 6th grade students have been helping water the trees daily while the irrigation system is being updated.

Middle School Students

Raising Money for Mutual Aid

Middle school students hosted a carnival to fundraise for Frogtown Rondo Mutual Aid. There was a spin the wheel, guess the number of jolly ranchers, and a ball toss game. They also sold scoops of ice cream. During the project they learned about the difference between giving to a mutual aid organization and non-profit organization. They raised over 400 dollars!

Spiritual Life Committee

The FSMN Spiritual Life Committee invited our community to contemplate peace and racial justice.

What are three things you can do for racial justice?
Who is one of the most peaceful people you know?
How does peace sound to you?
How does your body feel when you are at peace?
If racial justice was a color, what might it look like?
What does peace feel like?

Then community members were invited to decorate our “peace” tree.

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