Arrival and Dismissal Information


FSMN takes very seriously its responsibility to provide for the orderly and safe arrival and dismissal of our students.

  • Students should be dropped off no later than 9:10 am so students can be in classrooms and ready for a 9:15 am start.
  • Unless students are in Extended Day or are participating in a before-school activity, they may not be dropped off at the school before 9:00 am.
  • Students dropped off before 9:00 am and not enrolled in the Extended Day Program will be taken to Extended Day and billed at the drop-in rate.
  • With the exception of Extended Day students, students should enter through the front door.
  • Do not give your child dismissal instructions which conflict with the school’s procedures.

If you plan to park your car and accompany your student into FSMN, please do not park in the following locations: the bus zone on the north side of Englewood or the drop-off zone on the east side of Albert between Englewood and the school parking lot.


Families are asked each year to complete a Dismissal Transportation Plan form for each child. It outlines how children will return home each day and helps FSMN ensure student safety.

Students Who Are Picked Up By Car

  • Option 1: Carpool Line: Line up along Albert Street. Do not block the intersection at Englewood. A staff person with a walkie-talkie will meet your car before you reach the school’s parking lot entrance. Drivers tell the staff person who they are picking up. And students will then be dismissed from inside the building. Students going home this way wait in the building near the north doors.
  • Option 2: Meet your child in the lobby: No parking directly in front of the school on Englewood Avenue or Albert Street (carpool line). K-2nd Gr: Students can be picked up at classroom. 3rd-8th Gr: Parents will wait for students in the front lobby. 

Students Who Walk or Bike Home

Students may walk or bike home alone by indicating authorization on the appropriate Dismissal Transportation Plan form.

  • Bikes must be locked in the rack outside of the building. Students will not be able to store bikes inside the school if they do not have a lock.
  • Students walking or biking home may not return to the school or school grounds by themselves, including the playground, after they have left for the day.
  • FSMN provides neither crossing guards nor other support for students walking or biking.

Students Using SPPS Buses

Students who take the St. Paul public schools school bus home will report to the front entrance at the end of the day, where FSMN staff will supervise boarding. Students are to observe the following:

  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop when entering and leaving.
  • Take a seat promptly, remain seated and keep your voice quiet so the driver can hear traffic.
  • Never put your head, arms, feet, or any object out the window.
  • Remember that fighting, inappropriate language and horseplay are forbidden.
  • FSMN students are bound by the behavioral expectations and disciplinary procedures of the SPPS while using public school buses.
  • If you need to change your bus stop, please call the front office to make arrangements. Also call the Front Office with any other bus-related questions or concerns.

Changing Dismissal Plans

If your regular dismissal plan changes in any way on any day, you must contact the Front Office by 3 pm so that faculty and students can be appropriately informed. If we do not have a note or other contact from a child’s parent prior to 3 p.m. the student will be dismissed according to their dismissal plan. s

Early Dismissal

  • If you pick up your student prior to the end of the regular school day, please notify your student’s teacher and sign out in the Front Office.