Congratulations! Several Students Moving On To History Day State Competition

History Day Regionals results are in! Congratulations to our students moving onto state and to all of our other students who attended regionals.

Moving onto State:

  • Henry Ogg – The Lusitania and U.S. Neutrality in WWI (Exhibit)
  • Eliot Rivers – The Constitutionality of the Death Penalty (Exhibit)
  • Ellis Bedford – The Yalta Conference (Exhibit)
  • Solveigh Bratulich – Harlem Race Riot of 1935: Changing the Ways We Fight for Change (Exhibit)
  • Larson Hickle – The Roman Question and the Creation of Vatican City (Exhibit)
  • Beena Reiter and Liliana Sass-Zaragoza – The Bath Riots (Group Exhibit)
  • Anthony Guntzel – The Satanic Panic: The Debates Surrounding the Morality of Dungeons and Dragons (Documentary)
  • Kaylee Perla – Is Death a Fact (Documentary)
  • Amelia Mani – When Diplomacy Ended: The Decision that Ended the War and Devastated Japan (Documentary)
  • Lola Ronning – Hannoi Jane (Performance)
  • Henry Holdsworth – Panda Diplomacy and its Effects on China’s Global and Public Relations (Website)
  • Charlie Ernst – “The Great Imperial Lifeline:” Gunboat Diplomacy and the Suez Crisis (Website) 

Honorable Mention:

  • Thora Anderson – The Vietnam Draft: How Resistance, Protesting, and Dodging Changed the Selective Service System (Documentary)
  • Olive Caritas – Where Did They Go When the Sideshows Closed? (Documentary)
  • Hans Adams and Nicholas Beckham-Ching – The Expropriation of Hawaii (Group Documentary)
  • Lina Abid – The Treaty of Hudaybiyah: The Framework for Contracts in Muslim Society (Paper)

Regional Competitors:

  • David Griffith – Hammer v Dagenhart (Exhibit)
  • Kale Jung Ruivivar – Mao’s Manipulation in The Cultural Revolution (Website)
  • Walter Muller – The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (Website)
  • Dagamawit “Dagu” Burbach – The Debate of Hate: How We Used Debate to Help Stop Hate Crimes (Documentary)
  • Elliot Zolli – The History of The Stonewall Riots: An Important Event in the LGBTQIA+ Movement (Paper)
  • Cassondra Carlson – The Iran Contra Affair (Paper)

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