Updated 8.10.21 – 2021-2022 Calendar

The 2021-2022 school year calendar was sent out via email on Friday, May 14. This is the final version of the calendar. Please remember the calendar is subject to change in certain circumstances. We will communicate these changes if/when they occur. Please beware of relying too heavily on printed copies of the calendar as they may become outdated.

This calendar will be located on the Parent homepage when it is created.

2021-2022 Updated on 8.10.21 Calendar

IMPORTANT Note: some items have changed on this calendar since it was originally published in May 2021. If you are using the hard copy calendar, look at the bottom right corner of the document. If it says updated August 10, 2021, you have the most updated calendar.

Message sent with calendar on 5.20.21:

Some details about next year’s calendar:

  • The biggest change to our traditional calendar is the delayed start day. Rather than starting on the Tuesday after Labor Day, the first day of school will be on Thursday, September 9th to honor Rosh Hashanah. SPPS is also adjusting their calendar in this fashion. 
  • Two adjustments were made to make up for the two lost student contact days from the later start of the year. First, we will pick up one student contact day by not having 1/2 days leading into fall and spring conferences. Second, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be a school day to pick up a 2nd student contact day. We will work with families who may need to travel that day through the use of our pre-arranged absence form to make sure their students know what needs to be done to stay current with classwork.
  • Other changes are only minor adjustments to stay in sync with the SPPS calendar. Since we utilize SPPS transportation, this helps us minimize the number of days without access to this service. Next year, March 25th is the only day in our calendar year where families will not have access to SPPS busing. We will work with families to find alternative transportation.

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