Library Updates

If you have questions about the library policies, catalog holdings, acceptance of donations, etc, you can contact our media specialist, Travis Bell. 

November 2018 Library Updates: 

Welcome to a new month. The student at  Friends School have been make great use of the library. The K-2nd grade students have been listening intently to the Star of the North Books while many of the 3-5 grade students have been busy working there way through the current Maud Hart Lovelace books. The students will get a cahnce to vote for their favorite books in March with a breakfast celebration some time in April. The Upper Middle school students are making use of the library to work on their studies, group projects, free time, and for test taking. The LibraryGo project that we are working in partnership with St. Paul Public Libraries is going along smoothly (more updates to follow).

October 2018 Library updates:

The 2018-19 Maud Hart Lovelace books have arrived to the delight of most of our students. The books this year focus on family, friends, and rivals working together. Students will ready the books and come April they will vote, along with other students throughout Minnesota on which book that they enjoyed the most. The winning book will be announced later in the month from the Maud Hart Lovelace foundation. Students that ready 5 or more of the books will then be invited to our annual Breakfast in the Library to enjoy waffles and juice with other avid readers where they will learn the top 3 books in both divison 1&2.

We will soon be parntering with St. Paul Public Library to roll out our LibraryGo program that will allow all our  students regardless of where they live to be supplied with a free St Paul Public Library account and card. This card will allow students to check out books, movies, & games without any fines being applied if they are returned late. They will also receive free online tutoring help as well as being able to download free music. More information to follow.

Welcome to the first day of May 2018.

A quick update of happening in the library. On April 26th we held our annual Breakfast in the Library for our avid readers and participants in the Maud Hart Lovelace. Students, teachers, and the Heads of school gathered in the library to enjoy homemade waffels, oj, and talk about all their favorite books they have read this year.

MAUDE HART LOVELACE WINNERS: During the breakfast we announced this years winners of the MHL nominees. In Division 1 the top 3 winners are: 1) Fort by Cynthia Defelice, 2) Turn Left At the Cow by Lisa Bullard, & 3) Dinosaur Boy by Cory Putman Oakes.  In Division 2 the top 3 winners are: 1) The War That Saved My Life by Kim Brubaker Bradley, 2) The Eighth Day by Dianne K. Salerni, & 3) Beneath by Roland Smith.


April 2018

Avid Readers Breakfast. This year the annual avid readers breakfast will be held in the library on April 26th from 8-9 am.

March 2016

Maud Hart Lovelace and Star Of The North Voting!!

Students all over the state of MN are voting for their favorite books to win this year's Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award and Star of the North Picture Book Award! To be eligible to vote, students in grades K-2 must have read EIGHT of the TEN Star Of The North titles (individually or in class), or THREE of the TWELVE Maud Hart Lovelace titles Division I (grades 3-5), Dvision II (grades 6-8). Prairie and Jungle are voting as classes for their favorite picture book on the Star Of The North ballot, and grades 3-8 are voting within their Maud Hart Lovelace division. Anyone who is absent when the voting takes place may come to vote in the library before Wednesday, March 31. 

Maud Hart Lovelace Avid Readers' Breakfast April 29! 

Students who have read all 12 titles within each division are invited to the annual Avid Readers' Breakfast in FSM's Gandhi Library on Friday, April 29 at 8:45am. Read all 12 titles in your division between now and the end of Spring Break, and sign up by April 12 with Shahzore in the library. 

January 2016

Lili's Nook is now in the Gandhi Library! 

As you enter the library, you'll immediately notice our newly added reading nook. "Lili's Nook" was recently built and installed by parent volunteer, Matt Muenster. The nook frames our library window with beautiful bamboo wood shelves, housing Fiction and Non-Fiction titles, a new cozy spot to sit and read, and storage for our reading cushions. Lili Herbert came to the Friends School of MN as a parent and served as teacher, middle school director, and interim head, as well as head of school since 2006. The books in the section were all selected by Lili and the building of the nook was organized by parent volunteers as a thank you for Lili's years of service.
(Pictured: Caroline, Rohan, Joshua)