I-to-I Training DVD

I-to-I: Integrating Conflict Resolution into the Elementary School Community is an award-winning, 35-minute DVD about the successful conflict resolution program developed and used by Friends School of Minnesota since 1988. I-to-I shows the program as it operates in three diverse school settings: Friends School of Minnesota, an urban public school in Minneapolis, and a rural public school in Brainerd, Minnesota.

The DVD is unique among training DVDs in that it documents the conflict resolution process as it works in the schools, rather than showing actors working from a script. Seeing students solving problems that are real and immediate underscores the effectiveness of the program, and clearly shows the investment children have in the process.

In addition to showing the techniques of Friends School’s conflict resolution program, I-to-I addresses the issue of how conflict resolution fits into a school's overall structure. Administrators and other school community members provide insights and tips on how to smoothly implement an effective program into a school.

Common Questions

Schools considering a conflict resolution program probably have many questions.

  • How do we find the time?
  • How does conflict resolution fit with our discipline policy?
  • How do we keep the program going?

I-to-I answers these questions as teachers, parents, and administrators are shown addressing the issues of building and maintaining a program in their schools.


I consider I-to-I valuable because not only does it show the application of mediation but it also highlights the importance of addressing program design issues.
—Dr. Thomas Fiutak, Center for Conflict and Change, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs

What makes this tape watchable beyond the obvious worth of the topic is that all the conflicts shown are actual, not dramatized.
—Minnesota Parent Magazine

What a wonderful and important DVD … it really captures the detail and purpose of this approach.
—International Television Association

I-to-I won the 1996 International Television Association Award for Education/Training Video.

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