Environmental Education

The environmental education program at FSMN seeks to prepare students to become citizens and stewards of the earth.

The sense of awe and wonder with which young children explore their world is of utmost importance. Whether on a week-long trip to Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, a nature walk in the park, or collecting the school compost, environmental education is woven throughout FSMN’s K-8 experience.

Our goal is to prepare students by

  • validating their innate fascination with the natural world
  • instilling a sense of respect and reverence for the world around them
  • fostering their sense of place in the world and attachment to the natural world
  • modeling simple living
  • providing a solid scientific framework with which to understand environmental issues
  • providing the skills to make conscientious decisions
  • instilling a sense of hope and commitment to the future
  • helping them become responsible citizens rather than simply consumers
  • breaking down the artificial barrier our culture imposes between the human-made and natural world

To learn about FSMN's environmental education in the life of the school, see our the Environmental Education category of our school blog.