Quaker Process and Decision Making Workshop

The Quaker decision making process is one of the defining characteristics of the Religious Society of Friends. As a Quaker institution, FSM is committed to using the Quaker business and decision making practice in our school governance and operations.

The FSM School Committee is excited to offer an FSM community learning session about this important Quaker practice. John Kraft, a member of Minneapolis Friends Meeting and our school treasurer, has provided this session to our school committees, faculty, and staff, for the past several years. This year we would like to open it to the whole FSM community.

The session is planned for Wednesday, November 16, from 7-9pm at the school.

Child care will be available. Please RSVP by email (frontoffice@fsmn.org ) or phone (651-917-0636) to let us know if you need child care so we can plan accordingly.