Visitor Policies and Procedures

Non-Alumni Minor

Non-alumni minor visitors may visit classrooms for one day if the following conditions are met:

  • Requests are made to the teacher/advisor and submitted to the assistant head of school one school week in advance.
  • The visitor is appropriate for the grade being visited (pre-school visitors are not allowed).
  • Emergency phone numbers are provided for the visitor.
  • The visit is not being used to preview the school for application for admission.
  • Non-alumni minors may not accompany students on field trips.

FSMN reserves the right to decline any visitor.


Alumni and former students may visit middle school classrooms during the advisory period, lunch or recess after checking in at the Front Office. Alumni must contact the school in advance with the assistant head of school. FSMN reserves the right to decline a visit if it will interfere with the learning process.

Adult and Minor Visitors

We seek to maintain a welcoming climate that is safe for everyone. Therefore:

  • Visitor procedures are posted at entrances.
  • Visitors must sign in and out in the visitor log in the front office.
  • Visitors must wear “Visitor” ID badges while in building.
  • Contractors and vendors are required to check in at the front office and to wear visible IDs and/or Visitor ID badges while in building.
  • Staff will monitor visitors to be sure ID badges are visible. If badges are not visible, faculty and staff are expected to politely ask the visitor to sign in.

Parent Visits

We value parent involvement at FSMN. We are not, however, able to accommodate drop-in visits by families/guardians. Classroom teachers and our volunteer coordinator will communicate with families/guardians about great ways to be involved in school life (such as reading with students during DEAR time, or helping with an open lab activity).


Only service animals are permitted in the building and on school property. For issues of allergies and safety, please keep all other pets inside of your car.

Smoke-Free Environment

FSMN’s building and grounds are smoke-free.