Technology Policy

All computer technology at Friends School will be used in a responsible, respectful manner. Students will bring any questions or concerns about appropriate use to an adult. All student activity on any technology used at Friends School can and may be monitored and/or reviewed by an adult.

All personal, portable technology, including but not limited to, cameras, cell phones, music devices, and videogame devices, will remain turned off and inside of backpacks while at school (including Extended Day) unless otherwise directed by an adult.

The Internet will be used for educational purposes only. It will not be used to

  • Give out personal information
  • Conduct financial transactions
  • Meet someone online
  • Conduct non-educational communication
  • Play Internet computer games unless proposed by a teacher for educational purposes
  • Visit inappropriate websites.

Students should immediately report to school personnel if should encounter a person and/or sites, which attempt to meet them outside of school, asks for personal information, or makes them feel uncomfortable for any reason.

Cell Phone Use

Students in grades 3-8 and their families/guardians/guardians sign the Technology Use Policy early on in the school year. Using cell phones for calling/texting during the day (9:00-4:00) is strictly prohibited. Cell phones and/or electronic handheld games must be turned off and kept in book bags while on school property. Sighted and/or ringing cell phones will be confiscated and returned to parents only.