Extracurricular Activities

The Middle School offers a variety of extracurricular activities open to all students. Registration forms for these activities are available in the front office and on our website.


FSMN typically offers soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and volleyball in the spring. All sports are coeducational. The goals of our sports program include the following:

  • To teach teamwork, commitment and fitness.
  • To teach lifelong skills.
  • To foster development of self-discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, mutual respect and self-image.

All students have equal opportunities to participate. Students need to learn that joining a team involves personal commitment, including practice. If a student must miss a practice/game, they should let the coach know as soon as possible.

  • We expect coaches, players, and families/guardians to demonstrate good sportsmanship by supporting our teams and being courteous and respectful to all players, referees, and coaches.
  • Families/guardians are important role models in acknowledging effort and being respectful of players and referees on all teams.
  • FSMN explicitly bans derogatory comments toward any student athletes of either team as well as comments directed to or about an official or coach.

Students and families/guardians are encouraged to communicate directly with coaches on sports-related issues. The Athletic Director is also a source of information about sports. Schedules and game location directions will be given directly to participants during each season but can also be found in the online Newsletter.

FSMN is part of the League of Independent Sports Teams (LIST), which includes similar-sized schools with a like approach to sports. We usually schedule one game per week with other co-ed teams.


Whenever possible, the school will transport students to away games using FSMN buses. Vehicle malfunction or unavailability of licensed drivers may require families/guardians to transport their own students. If this should happen, families/guardians will be notified. FSMN, however, does not coordinate transportation between families/guardians and will not commission parents to be drivers of our students.


A variety of clubs for grades 5-8 are usually offered every year. Any middle school student who is interested in starting a club may talk to his or her advisor or the Activities Director. If an adult staff person is willing to serve as sponsor and if there is sufficient student interest, new clubs can be created.