Parents must reserve childcare space prior to the event and a nominal fee may be changed for the service. Any employee involved with an event offering childcare is responsible for ensuring that the following guidelines are followed:

  • All events with childcare will have a designated coordinator—staff member or parent.
  • All childcare providers must be at least eighteen years of age; younger teenagers are assistants only.
  • Childcare is usually available only for FSMN students
  • Childcare may occasionally be available for non-FSMN siblings with approval of designated coordinator.
  • Childcare is never provided for non-student, non-siblings.
  • Childcare personnel hired by the school will have undergone a criminal background check as required by state law.

During classroom parent meetings, childcare is typically held in the child’s classroom while the meeting takes place. Parents typically arrange for childcare for parent meetings and may ask FSMN parents, teaching assistants, or regular extended day staff to supervise students.

Guidelines for Student Supervision at FSMN Events

  • FSMN students may attend events when accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.
  • Students must remain in supervised areas; if not in a supervised childcare area, a child must be with a parent or responsible adult.
  • Students may not leave the building unless supervised by a parent or responsible adult.

Sports Events

Students may watch middle school league games after school provided when accompanied by a responsible adult. Students may also (space allowing) utilize the drop-in policy of Extended Day to watch games.