Executive Committee

Much behind-the-scenes work at FSM is done by Standing Committees of the School Committee. Membership on these committees includes School Committee members, parents, staff, other Quakers and other interested individuals.

The Executive Committee (EC) establishes the agenda for monthly school committee meetings, ensures School Committee decisions are implemented, approves expenditures if the SC is not able to convene and act in a timely manner; and conducts the annual performance review of the head-of-school.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the School Committee Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Treasurer, Recording Clerk, and one at-large member.

The Executive Committee usually meets the first Tuesday of each month, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

2016-17 Executive Committee Members

  • Christine Salomon, Clerk
  • Evelyn Christian-Ronning, Assistant Clerk
  • John Kraft, Treasurer
  • Laura Krishnan, Recording Clerk
  • John McVea, Member at Large

September 2016 Drop-in Office Hours for the FSM Executive Committee

Tuesday mornings 8:30-9:30am, September 17, 20 and 27

In order to provide more opportunities for parents and staff to share ideas, ask questions and find out more about the work of the School Committee and preparations for the Head Search, we are trying a new method of communication. The Clerk and/or Assistant Clerk (Christine Salomon and Evelyn Christian Ronning) will be available in the Spruce room at FSM. They will also be at the first day of school coffee.

Feel free to stop by to ask questions and share concerns or ideas. We'll evaluate the effectiveness of this approach and determine if we'll continue throughout the year.

Questions? Email Christine Salomon SC-clerk@fsmn.org