Development Committee

Much behind-the-scenes work at FSM is done by Standing Committees of the School Committee. Membership on these committees includes School Committee members, parents, staff, other Quakers and other interested individuals.

The Development Committee is the primary fundraising arm of the school. The Development Committee establishes and operates programs that nurture the FSM community, providing substantial financial and non-financial support to FSM's operations, capital improvements and maintenance and FSM's endowment. The Development Committee generally meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 8:00-9:30am. Please check the FSM calendar to confirm committee meeting times.

2016-17 Development Committee Members

  • Christina Boyd-Smith, co-Clerk
  • Laura Krishnan, co-Clerk
  • Dawn Zugay, Recording Clerk
  • Sarah Bauer
  • Joe Mueller
  • Julie Reiter
  • Rebecca Slaby, ex officio
  • Jenni Bratulich, ex officio
  • Christine Salomon, ex officio

If you are interested in learning more about FSM's standing committees or know someone you who might be interested in serving on Development or another a standing committee, contact the clerk of Committee on Trustees Jeff Severns Gunztel.