Committee on Trustees

Much behind-the-scenes work at FSM is done by Standing Committees of the School Committee. Membership on these committees includes School Committee members, parents, staff, other Quakers and other interested individuals.

Committee on Trustees recruits new members for School Committee and all standing committees. Committee on Trustees also provides support to the School Committee and standing committees, ensuring that FSM's governance structure is functioning well.

2016-17 Committee on Trustees Members 

  • Jeff Severns Guntzel, Co-Clerk
  • Cathy Jordan, Co-Clerk
  • Dhaivyd Hilgendorf, Recording Clerk
  • Becky Flory
  • James Farnsworth
  • Nora Murphy
  • Amanda McCormick
  • Jigna Desai
  • Lori Ricke
  • Eric Salverda
  • Jeannette Lutter-Gardella, ex officio
  • Christine Salomon, ex officio

Committee on Trustees generally meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00-9:00 p.m. Please check the FSM calendar to confirm committee meeting times.

If you are interested in learning more about FSM's standing committees or know someone who might be interested in serving on a governance committee, contact the clerk of Committee on Trustees Jeff Severns Gunztel.