Travis Bell

Student Support Assistant
Headshot of Travis Bell

You will run into Travis in a variety of roles. As part of a restructuring this summer, Tatiana asked to work fewer hours in the front office, and, since Travis comes with tons of experience in customer service, he'll be job-sharing with her in the front office.

But just as importantly, Travis comes to FSM from a library position at Galtier Elementary School, just down the block from us. As a result, he'll be taking over the library this year, and his experience make him a valuable resource for students, staff and parents. He'll also be assisting in other administrative tasks.

Originally from Florida, he moved to Minnesota with his husband, Alex, five years ago and is only gradually getting used to winters up north. He has an AA in computer animation from Miami Dade College and a bachelor's degree in Multimedia Studies with a Minor in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in fine arts.