Laura Pereira

Art Specialist
Headshot Laura Pereira

Laura has been the art specialist at FSMN since 2008.  She has a B.A. in Art History from Lawrence University, and an M.Ed. in Art Education from the University of Minnesota.  Laura is a licensed Minnesota K-12 art teacher.

Laura has taught in many different educational settings with a wide range of students, from pre-school age to adult students.  Much of her previous career was spent teaching art at Arlington High School in St. Paul. She has also worked as the Curriculum Specialist at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and as a contract artist for several local arts organizations.

 As a strong believer in the power of progressive education, Laura subscribes to the idea that education helps form habits of mind that carry a person through life.  She holds that progressive education helps develop a sincere joy of learning, an inquisitive nature, an open mind.  Laura also believes that an effective arts education should be integrated with other subject areas.  For Laura, art is a vehicle for understanding the world, the self, and the viewpoints of others.   Engaging in making art infuses life and learning with passion, understanding, and self-discovery.

 In addition to teaching art, Laura is also a practicing artist, specializing in mixed media painting, collage, and materials re-use.  She also enjoys walking in the woods, gardening, and travelling with her husband and two children.

 “One thing, among many, that I love about FSMN is the creativity of all the staff.  I feel lucky to have found a home where people work together and have a true sense of integrity.  I delight in sharing my own artistic process with these amazing children and hope that they will find as much joy in making art as I have.”