Jed Hermes

Teaching Assistant

Jed has served as the Teaching Assistant for the Jungle and Prairie since 2018.

Prior to working at FSMN, Jed worked at Hiawatha Leadership Academy in Minneapolis as a paraprofessional on the Special Education team, and at Half Price Books in St. Paul.

Jed lives in Minneapolis with his partner, her dog (the adoption process has begun), their two housemates, and their housemates’ cat. He enjoys being active, especially running, biking, and calisthenics. Goals in life include (but are not limited to): learning to unicycle, understanding calculus, and claiming an identity as an artist.

"I’m most inspired by FSMN’s focus on autonomy. The way we grow aware and world-changing adults is by helping children recognize and develop their skills as creators and activators. I’m honored to be part of a process that empowers people of all ages to be advocates for themselves and others."