Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant position is a full-time, 10-month position. 

To Apply

Please send a cover letter describing interest, work background and experience to head@fsmn.org

The deadline to apply for the position is Friday, November 16 2018.

Position Overview

Teaching assistants are valued members of the FSMN instructional team. Working with master teachers, TAs provide group and individual support for students in and out of the classroom. They are trained to be able to step in for teachers as needed as adjunct instructors.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Support the classroom teacher.
  • Provide one-on-one or small group instructional support.
  • Learn and understand the class materials and instructional methods used by the teacher.
  • Know how to operate audiovisual equipment and have proficient computer skills.
  • Maintain academic records and prepare instructional materials.
  • Implement and adhear to FSMN’s discipline policy.
  • Demonstrate initiative.
  • Adapt to lead teacher’s class culture and expectations.
  • Maintain adequate classroom behavior with or without lead teacher’s presence .
  • Help to keep students on task during work time.
  • Be able to support all students regardless of skill level.
  • Be able to design and implement an age-appropriate lesson plan in an emergency.
  • Model communication and social skills embedded in FSMN’s conflict resolution process.
  • Perform substitute duties in a teacher’s absence.
  • Accompany students on field trips, some of which are overnight.
  • Other duties as assigned by Assistant Head of School.


  • Bachelor’s degree in the field of education, child development, or other related fields preferred, but serious consideration will be given to candidates possessing an associate’s degree combined with 3-5 years of experience in education-related fields.
  • Prior experience in school or camp setting preferred.
  • Possess ability to keep students active, on-task, and at an appropriate volume level.
  • Enjoy working with children from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.
  • Display appropriate interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills with both children and adults.
  • Support the goals and values of Quaker and progressive education.
  • Able to apply constructive criticism to adapt behaviors.

Work Environment

  • Works in standard classroom conditions and climate.
  • Periodically works in varied outside weather conditions during recess, exploratory adventures, and field trips.
  • Works in a fast-paced environment with a wide variety of challenges, deadlines, and a varied and diverse array of contacts.
  • May stand and/or walk for extended periods of time.


The information contained here is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job, nor are they intended to be an all-inclusive list of the skills and abilities required to do the job. The duties and responsibilities in this job description may be subject to change at any time due to reasonable accommodation or other reasons.

FSMN is an equal opportunity employer