Building Process

Construction was a long and difficult process because we built our "TNT" boat from scratch.

The first thing we did was working on scaling the different parts of the boat using rulers and math. We first measured the transections of the boat so we could have a idea of the boats shape and the frame. From there we built the transections throughout 3 class periods. There was alot of measuring, cutting, drilling, sawdust, glueing, and powertooling. We cut holes into "TNT's" transections to reduce it's weight. After the transection process was complete for both boats, we built keels to give the boats their foundation and a bottom for the transections to rest. After we built the keels, we cut many 3/4 of an inch deep divits into the transections' bottoms and tops so we could glue and screw wooden supporters into them. These wooden supporters helped us keep the boat strong and it gave it a curved shape on the bottom. After that, we worked on making the boats' sides, we used wooden supporters for the sides and then put a thin wooden board over each side. We then bent the two boards together using a strategy where we pulled them together with a rope and then we let the sides set a little, we repeated this technique until the boards were toching the bow of the boat. We then glued and screwed them to the bow. At this point, the frame was complete so we began to cover it with chloroplast and advertizement board. The bottom was simple, we took adhesive and put some on the bottom part of the frame. We then took a big sheet of advertisement board and screwed it onto the bottom of the boat. We completly missed the wood with our screws at first, but we went back and fixed the placement after we realized our mistake. We cut the advertizement board into the frames shape afterwards. We then chloroplasted the sides of the boats and taped off every screw and crack in our boat with special water-proofing tape. At this point the boats were basically finished, the last things we did were adding the chloroplast tail part onto dragonfly, and adding a wooden board to sit on in both boats when we drive them. 

We all had so much fun in engineering club, we succesfully built a great boat!